Роблокс паркур перчатка evo


Parkour has a variety of things to do all around the city, such as exploring the map or simply free roaming.

Gloves help you gain altitude from wallclimb boosts and have longer wallruns. They are necessary to progress parkour at a normal pace, instead of having no gear and free roaming that way, which is inefficient both height and distance wise.


== Attainable Gloves ==

Glove (Level 5)

the first glove in game. multiplier is 14 [thin connection]

Black Glove (Level 15)

black glove, the 2nd glove in game. the multiplier is 16 [thick connection]

Master Glove (Finish the Advanced Tutorial | Was level 25)

This glove looks like Black Glove, but it has a blue secondary color. The height multiplier is 18 [thicker connection]

Custom Glove (Level 45)

Color becomes black and the secondary is the settings color. The design is like the first glove, with the connection being in a criss cross shape. the multiplier is 19

Praxis Glove (Level 60)

the opposite of custom glove but the vertical criss cross shape and with a crown on the buttom but the side is almost a wedge. multiplier is 20

Prime Glove (Level 120)

A Glove with 3 crowns design with a line-wedge on the side. with glowing glove, it will glow as you know and will have crown particles. multiplier is 21 [same as duality] from here, the multiplier of wall boost is max.

Duality Glove (Level 150)

A Hawk-like design, a very different design on the side, the multiplier is 22

Artifice Glove (Level 200)

Just an aesthetic glove. the multiplier is same as the duality.

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Sybaritic Glove (Level 250)

Just an aesthetic glove. the multiplier is same as the duality

Red Glove:

(Without Glowing Glove)

Red Glove:

(With Glowing Glove)

EVO Glove

The EVO glove is a gamepass item that can be currently bought for 200 robux. It bridges the two power levels from the user’s most recent glove unlock to the next tier of glove. The base multiplier of the EVO glove is 16, scaling up from there,

It is useful for players under level 120 (deity rank)


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